Pictures of Sailing

Naomi Albrecht on Sailboard - Doing a turn using the sail without a rudder. Off the first roll of film taken of anyone sailing this way. Trailwood Lake, PA. 1964 Photo by S. Newman Darby.

Newman Darby on an antique kite sail they made over the winter of 1964-65. Sail area 58.5 sq ft, dacron sailcloth. Photo taken in 1965 by Namoi Darby.

Kenneth Darby, JR. Testing a Sloop rig designed and built by S. Newman Darby. Photo by Naomi Darby about 1981.

Newman Darby taken by Naomi. This was my first encounter with a high wind condition. I found this was a whole new ball game. 1964

Split Lateen Sailboard rig designed and built by S. Newman Darby. Sail sown by Naomi Darby and designed for Mistral in late 1970's. Photo taken in Hawaii by S. Newman Darby.

Wendy Darby on 10' (300 cm) Sailboard designed and build by S. Newman Darby. Photo by Naomi Darby.


One of the several 12' models that were designed at Darby Industries, Inc., during the summer of 1965.

Newman with a rope universal joint. (Photo by American Windsurfer)

Pictures of People

S. Newman Darby - Self portrait - 1948

Naomi Albrecht 1Naomi helped build the first Darby Sailboard and made the sails. She was the first woman to sail a sailbaord and wrote and printed the first instructions on how to sail a sailboard. Picture taken in 1964.

Kenneth Darby - Newman's youngest brother started up the world's first free sail system sailboard business in 1964. The name of the company is Darby Industries, INC. Ken became president then and is still president of the Company in 1997. Ken claims that 160 sailboards were built but they sold only about 80. In 1965 Ken sailed across the Cheasapeak Bay from Annoplis to Kent Island, about 17 miles, on a Darby Sailboard, and back. Photo by S. Newman Darby

Diane and Naomi loading a sailboard into car. Taken in 1964. Photo by S. Newman Darby