Roadtrek Motorcycle Rack

We decided that in Baja there were a number of side trips that we want to take where the road was just to rough for the RT. Our solution
was to add a Motorcycle. Since the rear was loaded with windsurfing gear we decided to put it on the front. Here is a picture at dawn,
ready to leave Baja.

Roadtrek with Motorcycle loaded at dawn in Baja

Here is a closer picture of just the motorcycle and the rack.

Close up of the bike on the RT

Here is a picture from the drivers side of the van. Note that the orange strap from the bumper does not go to the end of the rack on
one side because that caused it to rub on the sproket. Nylon staps do not like to rub on anything. When I started this trip I knew it might rub
so I covered the strap where it went through the sprocket with an old piece of jeans material. It rubbed through in 2000 miles. By moving
the connection point up next to the wheel it went below the sprocket.


Here is a front shot of the motorcycle. I used 3/4 of a chain link for the strap connections.


Here is a shot with the motorcycle removed. Note the loading ramp board is stored between the tires.

Unloaded Rack

Now for the loading ramp in place.

Loading Ramp

Again from the front.

Loading Ramp again

To keep the lights from being blocked I had to create a spacer that went between the front tire of the motorcycle and its fender.


Here is what it looks like installed.

Spacer in place

Here is the rack removed from the van.


The Dodge van only has a unibody frame in the front and I really did not want to weld to it because that changes the crumple zone.
Our solution was to use the bolts on the outside of the unibody frame that hold the stearing stabilizer bar. Two one inch straps were
added that come down to a 1 1/4 receiver hitch. A support bar was then added which goes to the edege of the bumper where it connected with
a 3/8 bolt through an existing hole.


We purchased new bolts that were about a half inch longer and replaced the existing ones. A safety chain was added which went over
the unibody frame. The bolts are 5/16 so if they broke the chain would keep the receiver hitch from going to the ground. The red handle pins
were purcased at Harbor Freight. They have two sizes and they are easily confused.

Roadtrek modifications

The bumper is the only strong point in the front of these vans. The nylon strap took out all the flex in the setup but I had to
remove the grill to install the hooks.

Roadtrek by the dam
I did all the cutting and welding myself but there are welding shops that could do this for you.