New Stove

Our Roadtrek is a 1996 Popular and just like a house, it needs some upgrades. We decided that the stove was next on our list.
The original stove still worked but both of the knobs were broken and it was getting very rusty inside the pan. I found some new knobs
that fit at a used store in Portland but they did not match. One of the controls was very sensitive. It went from off to full speed
with almost no adjustment. It was time for a change.

A friend told me that there was one company that had a stove top that would fit in the hole. Some web searching and phone calling led
me to one described as "56494 ATWOOD 20S STAINLESS STEEL 2BURNER DROP-IN COOKTOP". The total cost including
shipping was about $130.

Ater removing the old stove and dropping in the new pan, this is what it looked like.


The new stove top has slightly off set burners and the control is in a different location. This causes the propane connection to be slightly
closer to the sink. I fixed this by adding an 1/8 inch piece of pipe and a 1/8 coupling. It is shown between the red marks in this picture.
The flair fitting had to be removed and put back into the coupling.

Flair Fitting

There was one more issue. The corners on the new stove top are slightly more round so there is a space that is not quite covered marked
by the red arrow on this picture.

Space in the Corner

My friend filled the corner with fiber glass. I ended up cutting a very thin piece of aluminum and running it the fill length of the sink.
It was glued to the counter with silicon. This was necessary to keep water from running down around the edge and into the top drawer below.

Here is what it looked like when it was finished.


The burners are of different sizes which works out very well. The controls are moved closer to the front because there is room next to the
smaller burner. The controls work well and it has been a good upgrade.