Alternate Shower Option for Roadtrek

The shower in the Roadtrek seems to cause a love hate relationship.  Some people love it and some people hate it.

Rather than take sides this web page shows a simple way to take a shower outside and still have a private shower stall.  It has a few obvious advantages and probably at least one disadvantage.  The advantages realate to cleaning up the floor and curtain after the shower is finished. The major disadvantage is this really only works in warm weather. 

The inspiration for this came from walking around the camp ground in Southern Baja last Christmas.  I noticed that many of the large motor homes had chosen to build an outside shower.  These were most often made from long poles stuck in the ground with a shower curtain wrapped around it.  Most of these showers would never fit in a RT so it was time for a new type of design.

I had seen a external shower head holder on the internet and had made my own copy.

Shower head

After thinking about this design it became obvious that some modifications could be made to hold up a shower curtain.  Two of the following items were built.


This is just a small piece of plywood with a piece of bent piece of sheet metal  added at the top to fit into the gutter.  This was cut from a joice hanger as the thickness of the metal seemed about right.  In the lower portion, a 3/8 X 3 inch carriage bolt was added .  The head was covered with tape so it would not scratch the metal surface of the RT.  A nut was added to hold the bolt into the plywood.  A piece of 7/16 gas line hose was placed over the bolt and a nut
was added at the end to keep the tubing from sliding off. 


The curtain rod was made from 1/2 inch PVC.  Each side was 32 inches and the curtain shown is 6 foot.  Another curtain will be added on the open side to close this up completly.  A dodge floor mat will be used as the floor so that you do not get your feet dirty. 

Here is a picture taken from the top.


Here is a picture of what this looks like in storage mode.  The PVC was not glued so it just pulls apart for storage.


The three pieces of PVC are held together with a rubber band made from a bicycle intertube.  This does not take up very much room for storage.