Roadtrek Alternate Video System

When we purchased our Roadtrek it did not come with a video system.   We had used a small 6.4 inch screen in our previous van and liked it a lot so we just moved it over to the RT.  Here is a picture of it sitting on the standard pull out.

Video on pullout

As you can see it is quite small but this is not its final home.  We moved it to over the bed without drilling any holes.


There is a large screw under the light which I used to mount the aluminum bar.   The bar has 1/4 inch screw that fits into a slot in the back of the display.


Foam was mounted under the bar to keep it from touching the wood.


The cable has power (6 watts), audio, and video.  It slides into clips and can be removed when not in use.   The display has a small speaker in the back.  When the cable is removed all that is left is the plastic clip.   I used an existing screw and put it only though the bottom portion of the clip.


If you do the math, a 6.4 inch display at 18 inches is about the same size as a 4 foot display at 10 feet.   It does mean that you need to be in bed on your back but so far that has not bothered us.   The VCR which shows up in the last picture has a tuner so I connected it up to the RT antenna and I get better pictures on most stations than I do in my house with a TV on rabbit ears.