We recently purchased a 1996 Roadtrek.  It was used and had no documentation.   There were several electrical problems that had to be fixed.   In the process I have documented as best I can what the wiring diagram looks like.   This is really for the coach as the Dodge Manual does a good job of showing the engine electrical diagram. The current draw for each item listed is shown on the following web page. Roadtrek Solar Power on the Cheap

1996 Wiring Diagram  

If you should find a problem with what I have drawn, please send me email at wiltonh(remove this)@hotmail.com.

Here are some links to the Intelltec Relay and HEHR power Systems.
HEHR power systems

In the process of working out the diagram for the 1996 I contacted Roadtrek. They did not have a diagram for a 1996 but gave me a diagram for a 1998. They told me it was very similar. Here is a copy for reference:

1998 Wiring Diagram