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Windsurfing from the beginning with links to pictures.


Who really did invent the first sailboard? This question has only one answer. S. Newman Darby not only named the sport but created the first sailboard which used the first universal joint. Both he and his wife Naomi took many pictures which document their invention. This page includes copies of original still pictures and video clips as well as a written history by Newman.


First sailboard and kite sail -1963 Newman On Early Sailboard

First Sailboard Advertisement using a paid model (April 1965) Karen


First Sailboard Brochure - 1965 Page 1 Page 2 & 3 Page 4

First Sailboard Manual - 1965 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

 Chronological order of Development

 First Sailboard Video - 1965 On the Water