Roadtrek Reading Lights

After spending  a month in Baja we decided that we needed more light up front for reading and eating.  The following page is a "how to" article on fixng this problem.

Most of the lights that I found either cost more or did not look like what I really wanted until I found the following on Ebay.  These are forsale quite often and they go for aournd $10 per pair.  They are aluminum aircraft reading lights.  They come with a 12V or 24V bulb. 

Ebay add for lights

When I purchased the lights I did not realize how large the part below the mounting plate really was.


If you were to cut a large enough how for this base it would stick up through the oak side tray on the Roadtrek more than an inch.  We had to find a better solution.  The base plate is just about 2 inches so I purchase a 2 inch PVC coupling.  The outside diameter was correct but the inside diameter did not allow enough room for the mounting screws. 


I cut off some two inch PVC pipe and glued it into each end of the coupling.  This allowed a place for the screws to take hold.  I drilled a hole in the side and mounted a switch.


The light has a red lense inside that I removed.  I also cut a back plate out of 1/8 inch plastic and sprayed it black.  Four holes were drilled in the back plate.  Two for mounting it to the PVC coupling, two for mounting the back plate to the Roadtrek and one for a wire to enter the base.  Here is an assembled picture.


Now for some wiring.  I decided to connect it to the existing dome light circuit as we will be using LED lights that draw only about 40 to 60 ma each instead of the 1 amp plus that the 12V tail light would take.  I had to drill a hole on each side of the end of the tray and a hole down through the tray to the light.


Lets look at the mounting.


Now lets look at the finished setup.


The total cost of this setup for two lights was less that $20 but I allready had the switches and wire.  If you are interested in more information about the LED lights please take a look at the following pages.  LED Lights